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Re: Active servers

I’m a returning player and I forgot all my stuff so I want a fresh start and I wanted to know what server is the most populated Welcome back! While all servers are active, I would personally recommend Epona or Crom. Each have been incredibly nice when I've played and have strong endgame playerbases.

Re: T8 offhands skills

So atleast for the druid offhand, can the myrdins offhand inherit the edl chaos resist (eldritch boon) skill as well? I thought these offhands were meant as an upgrade of edl. Right now you would need to swap back and forth between edl for gelebron for example to cancel the chaos runes. This. Druid...

Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

The Rabbit Pie Recipe Book is the first purchasable book from Delia Dermot so a low level requirement. Competition rewards will not be tradeable. How will the competition work? Lets say 2 people play. One collected 300 meat but cooked nothing, the other bought all the meat and cooked 300 pies (some...

Re: Account conflict pw

Hey Legend, After we moved to cross platform, accounts with matching details to those on the opposite platform were marked as conflicted. I've found your account from your character name and removed the conflict on your account. You will now be able to sign in with "YOURUSERNAME"ios and &q...

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