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Re: Nothing Changed Since 2011..

Nothing Changed in regard to a specific feature Since 2011.. While nothing has changed in regard to a transfer feature, the game itself is massively different from the version played in 2011. Server transfers are still a discussed addition but as evident by the post, priorities changed to other feat...

Re: Lost lock

Locking the topic for naming and shaming / drama.

I'll look into the issue further tomorrow and PM those involved after I review the server logs.


Re: Login issue

For password issues you will have to contact support@onethumbmobile.com. If you can provide them with the answers to these questions it will help speed up the process: - Username for account - - Registered email - - When account created/last played - - Character(s) name(s) on the account - include d...

Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

Quick question regarding awards. The ladle is the prize for top 3 of All servers right and is it just for show or does it provide cooking buff? And the other prizes. Is it top 10 for each server? Thank you Simply an aesthetic reward, no stats have been given to the item. Top ten for each server wil...

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