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BETA 4.0 !new build!

Heroes! For the past week, you’ve been so awesome with all the reports and feedback sent our way, so we wanted to thank you for the support! With your help, we were able to apply the needed changes and fixes which include: * Cooking place in the Castle is now set and fully operational + icon has bee...

New Forum accounts: Why can't I directly log into my new account?

Heroes! Recently, we were met with a big wave of spam posts on the Forum. Due to the platform's age and our limitations there, the new verification for new accounts will be going through the admins. What does this mean for new accounts? If you want to create a new account there or you are a new play...

Dragon Madness (20.04 - 27.04)

Heroes! The servers are going to be taken down on April 20th at 10 AM CEST for approximately 1 hour. With that, we are going to enable the Dragon Madness event, which will be a combination of the past single events known as Dragon Carnage and Monster Madness. The event will reduce the spawn timer of...

Re: BETA Weekend 4.0

Heroes! The BETA release is finally here! Today, at 12 PM CEST, the BETA servers will be accessible and you will have time to check the new changes out until Monday, April 17th at 11 AM CEST. We want to note that the TestFlight link that was initially shared in the announcement is still valid: https...

Re: Maintenance 10.04.2023


The Celtic Heroes servers are now open and as always please note that there may be a lot of traffic at the moment while everyone is trying to log in to the game at the same time, so some of you may experience loading delays.

Thank you for your patience!

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