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MattSneak Shop

Hello everyone, selling some stuff and since theres no copy and paste on ch anymore i'm listing items here.
60/60 strength/ dexterity riftskull braclets (x2)

Imperial slash braclet +9 slash damage

Lvl 100 heat damage quiver

Midnight talisman

All of these just pm me your offers.

Re: Garanak

It would be a good move for otm to make garanak spawn more often or maybe even 1 time a week. so many people quit because this event boss is op and drops are worse than past events. and the new underpowered idols, and even the fact most people can't play on their phone anymore. so seeing that garana...

Endgame Rogue Build Opinion

hello everyone ive been switching back and forth for a while and i cant decide which build i like more auto damage or survivabilty build. I can eiher go str and vit with damage gear leaving my max autodamage at 1850 and 5k health or i can go dex leaving my auto damage at 1400 and have 5k defence and...

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