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Re: Really......?

Btw this is not a complaint about the snorri spawn rate, because he spawns perfectly fine, but the loot tables are completely messed up on Danu.


Ok so the past 3 weeks we have had around 6 yellow crowns, 4blue, 3 red, 4 green, and 1 purple. considering the majority of people on servers are rogues, do you see the problem...?

Re: Stop ksing my druid

Dark wrote:
Legislative wrote:you all so dead for ks his druid !,

tbh k wouldnt mess with that ranger in arena.. made my experience ..

Dont think any ranger has been able to kill my mage man

Dragon you are the biggest noob on danu so stfu.....

AOE Bosses Ruin The Fun of DPS

I remember in early celtic heroes, bosses attacked the tank like they should and druids all focus on healing tank. And the dps classes could focus on actually making thier build best damage per second. But with prot and the obelisk etc having 2k plus aoe skills very often, you have to not only have ...

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