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Re: Apostate braces

U are one annoying kid friddo. Did u meet zkills? U will get along well together. Either way, apostates should have never existed. Might as well add them into some raid loot now cus the current concept isnt only dumb but likely they're just non-existent anymore not so much that they're too rare to d...

Re: Apostate braces

You realise they all came from the first 1-2 weeks then VR quickly nerfed drop rates and none have dropped in months? I am, but I was against apostates from the beginning. Having a brace that beats the best brace drop in game for 3 classes (and also, shafts casters) drop from a lvl 196 mob is dumba...

Re: Apostate braces

Its not only that the drop rate is dreadfull, Its also that VR are so mysterious about it. No confirmation about assumptions players have Made, no hints, no help at all. Nothing said about it still being possible to get or where to get it Exactly. The only spot confirmed is the NW singular wizard b...

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