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Re: Update on warrior

Aerdou aka Klip wrote:
BlackMamba wrote:Yeah pretty terrible. My alt warrior is lower level than you and has about 3900 dmg 11k attack fully buffed. Not using a slow crap wep either

U should show me a pic of this non crappy warrior

he cant

Re: Scammer warning

You make it seem like I'm trying to trust something other than another human being, not everyone is the typical scammer you think if you lend them items, in some cases they are but the majority of the time they aren't tbh, i never had the intention of scamming....even when dread lent me that fb sku...

Re: Scammer warning

Honestly who would be stupid enough to let a 100/50 nightwing and a 90 horse get scammed. OTM warns people constantly NOT TO HAND ITEMS OUT and yet dumbasses still do it. Gratz to scammer for making serious bank off of the weak minded ;) You're the type of person I hope gets scammed :lol:, consider...

Re: Mages needed on Fingal

Curry30423 wrote:
Zyz wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:Welllll I'd need 3m gold 200 of each sig crate about 500-600 SKS and energy lixes and I think we have a deal ._.

You'd get to level 100 and quit again . . . for the 4th time

Pfff not if doop still played


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