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Re: Pets & Mounts

I think a good idea for an update would be pet/mount fash. I dont think theres enough of it personally. Also just a weird suggestion but maybe being able to name your pets/mount would be kinda cool to. Sincerely YourBoi, Puffs Good post for the feedback section but ill give it a +1 I like the idea ...

Re: End Game Totem Builds

Totem build is the strongest dps druid build without question...If you have dg. With an edl build you can get ok mele stats but at the cost of the majority of your skill damage even with good gear. There simply isn't enough stat points available to maintain decent focus levels and still add to str o...

Re: Newcomer questions

Thanks! Over 200 levels..uff... :shock: Which class is recommended for a newcomer? I'm playing a druid and I like the way of playing with hots & dots In the past I have often played such classes. Is the leveling more solo or group content? Saddly dot usage is almost non existent in this game du...

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