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Coming back

Been getting a lot of questions if Mcluvin69 is me, and yes he is.
I'm looking to buy all the basic stuff like sigils, expansions, idols, and restor pots.
Also looking to buy that new heroic ammy, not sure what the new name is..

Re: Hey

Turco wrote:My life has gone down a spiraling slope ever since you killed me in the arena

I wasn't allowed in the arena if Neil was there...

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Hi I'm Sian Winters I'm a level 136 Rogue I started in May I'm a bit of a loner I level alone I'm to shy to ask for help most the time :? I will talk now and then but prefer to just watch everyone I had big dreams when starting to join the biggest strongest clan but because of my social anxiety I m...

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