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Re: Rolling For Raid Drops

@Aileron...lol...guess I wouldn't have much in your clan as I would be considered "casual" Most of the bosses are killed when I'm at work so there isn't much I can do except grind to 225. :D

@Bitey...Understand camping castle...yeah that not active

Re: Current State of Epona

It will not be easy to satisfy all in a server with such a diverse people. The game is simply getting boring. If I could play 24/7 with multi devices it still would be boring. OTM needs to have other things a end-game toon can do besides boss all the time, or do bounties. This is part of the reason ...

Re: Rolling For Raid Drops

Curious as to see a definition of casual player. Is it one who plays 1-5 hours a week, 5-10 hours a week?? Some people must realize that there is an older player base who work. In my case I can only log for an hour in the morning (before work while drinking a ton of coffee) and maybe 1.5-2 hours a n...

Re: Can you level as an ice mage?

It all depends how quick you want to get to end game. For me, having fun was and is more important than rushing to end game (I like solitude at times). I am an ice mage at 224 and I have a semi-retired ice mage on Crom, and have never really complained (much lol). Yes, it can be slow, cool downs are...

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