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Re: Question for everyone

Its the unwanted trades...I mean.. whisper first "I have **** for sale". I can either tell you "no thank you" or I can say "how much", please don't trade without speaking first, I may be in a conversation or in a trade. Also the begging, do you have anything you can giv...

Re: Full DG vs DG/Occult

Oh Geez, Mathmatics...lol...I think I will aim and click.. :lol: Its all in her formulas, just divide the parameter on Focus by the parameter on Ice Magic... The difference between Ice Magic and Focus changes the more/less u have of either. and use the square of 300 while legs are crossed...crap.. ...

Lure Missing

Just curious to see if any other mages have notice a increase in lures missing. Rarely, do I have issue with this, but recently ( past 2-3 weeks) I have notice that lures (ice, fire and assassin my main ones) have been missing approximately 25-30% of the time. I have lured Proteous, DL bosses and ha...

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