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Re: Server Downtime.

LivingArawn wrote:Thank you otm for your hard work resolving this issue. I'm sure this is a very stressful day for you all. Make sure to reward yourselves with some cakes or biscuits when this is finished.

I think you mean cookies

Re: Server Downtime.

Latest Update / Catch Up: Earlier today due to a hardware fault at our hosts all world servers were halted without notice. We have worked through the day with our hosts to resume normal services and get world servers running. While we have now resolved the initial issue the process of resuming serv...

Re: New Areas

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:
Guthix123 wrote:
Warsong wrote:I want to go into the black stone castle in OW. I feel like that place should be opened up


But I can see that place looking a lot like the tower, nothing but hallways and rooms.

Someone hasn't seen the basement of Urahara's store from Bleach

Re: New Areas

Oh that sounds awesome. I was always thinking they should use the pier in Lirs and add a boat ride into a new island maybe it could be just a raiding island filled with new bosses ☺ I always thought the same thing lol. I think they could do a lot with a new island ☺️ The only island in my heart is ...

Re: Community Update - May

Curry30423 wrote:
Egg wrote:
Muldar wrote:Additional fashion concept art will be released in the coming weeks!

You missed out fash on purpose, thats evil :/

+1 end the cruelty otm just show us ,_,

Please... I need more turquoise. There's no more for me to collect until an update :cry:

Druid tanking

I've seen druids on other worlds tanking, and find it interesting. Any advice on what skills you guys use, and stats, reccomended gear, etc? Thanks

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