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Re: Master's Grimore? Or arcane orb.

get the 200 armor shield if you want to stay alive or a golden blade/axe if you want more dps. look at my wiki, 100 focus sucks 100 focus sucks? I'm having a hard time you were a caster at 140+. I'm a Druid as my main, i do have a nooby mage though, and I know even just 50 Focus would boost their S...

Re: Rip Druids.

Even though my Druid is only level 106, I've been playing since halloween 2011, and can totally agree that we have lots of problems. Thinking about whether i should make my ranger my main. I've seen people complaining in my clan "We have so many problems" I WISH i had there 1-5 problems co...

Re: Us Poor Druids...

I hate it when we get yelled at for not healing! It happens mostly during spell recharge. I say let Druids do their thing, we have enough problems, and we know what we're doing. ;)

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