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Re: Locked sooooo quick

But seriously you guys need to shutup about this complain stuff, no one needs to listen to the same 40 people Bit***** about the same thing, “Dedicated playerbase, uncertainty, waste of plat the engine gunna fail rip CH, VR is trash dont kno what they doin”, no one needs to hear it from anyone. I w...

Re: Halloween event?

Legacyte wrote:Bro get over it, halloween is over, vr is busy with unity beta and testing this topic has been brought up 3-4 times and we got our answer alread.


Re: Buying lix

tayilern wrote:
Odin Borson wrote:buying travel lix 500 gold each

Buyin 600 each

What would you need travel lix for? I guarantee whatever clan you are in does not kill any boss above falgren lol

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