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Re: Changing servers?

Have it be like a once in a very long time type of thing, gives economies times to settle/change and also players the chance to get out and experience alternative environments. I'd also ship out of gwyd with ya burz if I had the chance lol.. Would be nice to experience some end game hehe :p

Re: Whats best XPS or COMBOS?

As mentioned earlier combos are the faster way but in matters of total effectiveness for your dollar, if you have the time, often the rainbow ( xp plus another lix or two, my preferred even when I've only and always soloed ) works best. Just a matter of time on your hands

Re: New level=new build

Hp wise I've had 5k since 150s for leveling and it works great, also your gear setup sounds basically like mine haha. I've never experimented with frenzy so I can't provide input on that part Srry :'(

Re: Pro Warrior Advice Needed

Haha to each his own, as mamba said I probably waste elix on a entirely different level than other people, but when the factor of gold hasn't ever been a problem I guess you grow used to just continual lixing, I'm not the type to count bars and stress about most effecient etc, I find it easier to li...

Re: 210 monolith

Great accomplishment hardi, for both your clan and android as a whole. Always nice to see names on the discussion aside from Avalon and etc, and to all the haters, a kill is a kill. Apparently the drops are nice and as naruto mentioned it shows their dedication to actually stick to bosses when in th...

Re: Pro Warrior Advice Needed

I've always used hammers, but that's my own thing cuz I'm rebellious lolz. As for your post, I've heard as of late due to the hotbar swap ( if ur up to the task ) that using spears for general weapon and hot swapping to a blunt, cast rupt, and swap back is most effective. If you don't want to go thr...

Re: Skills

In that case shatter and double are still amazing, you'll notice a giant difference. I'd recommend swapping to an axe/hammer eventually

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