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It seems hopeless

Back when I first started playing. The highest levels were around 55-60. Everyone had the oppurtunity to be a high level and even start their own clan inviting people to enjoy the game with them. Yes you read correctly all you had to do to be a high level was make it to 60. Voila, respect earned. Ev...

Re: 10 celtic heroes Masters

In no particular order. These players have shown a mastery of the game and have been able to express their understanding with others and improve the game for others and have the championship rings to prove it. These players have each done what no one else ever has in this game. Voldemort Aileron Pi...

A few good men

I regret to inform mabon that Elite has lost 3 members since update hit as well as the most well known Elder. I will not name any of them as that isnt my place to do so but they will all be severely missed. Not many know I was actually on decent terms with the Elder and I am very sorry to seem him g...

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