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Re: Bounty xp

Not 100% sure but there is several different bounty quests, same mob, different numbers needed perhaps it was a lower tier one where you needed 4 kills and not 6/7?

Re: Gwydion is recruiting

Correct each toon earns own points including alts so individual players also have an equal chance at lux against multi loggers, you get out what you put in basically, Aggy gear (dkp) and old event gear using (oekp) can be used to buy for alt toons of level and class within clan, hrung/mordy/necro g...

Re: Gwydion is recruiting

We have an iPad in the house now so I was thinking about messing around with an ios toon. My questions would be since I'm coming from a no drama, peaceful, non competitive, and not economically over priced server... 1. How much drama is there? I play for fun and drama ruins it for me. Stuff like ge...

Re: Necromancer!

Why don't both clan Chiefs group up and thrash out some rules of engagement, Ie either agree that once lock is attained other backs of and doesn't grief or agree to kill one each without other present as an ice breaker and go from there. Grieving always affects both clans not the one so both in esse...

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