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Re: Fake Admins?!

To help verify if an email is fake click for the sender info (the blue writing titled as sender)
Emails if this nature are masked behind the actual senders address this will bring up the info helping you to determine the actual senders address not the fake one its masked as

Re: Design your own Lix!

Castle noob lix, for 15 minutes no noobs can whisper you every other second whilst in castle asking you for your items, gold, group requests, request trades, quest bosses they are not level req for etc etc they stack so the more you use the higher the level Would filter out :) these would only come ...

Re: The Evolution of CH

I'm going to start with possible options for variances to certain event quests. 1/ checkpoints ie must pass through so many check points in certain order to attain pieces required for item, once a checkpoint is passed its closed for one minute meaning person/s would be racing to go through first or ...

Re: The Evolution of CH

I like the seasonal events as they add new items to seek, however the term re-skinned is somewhat applicable in my opinion I think this is where those that are not favouring events have an issue. Each event has compromised of the same basis. :collect number of flowers/items to attain headwear :kill ...

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