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Cyp rocks

As the title says , cyp does indeed rock.............will be posting a shop soon I've got loads of full sets , rares etc for sale.

Re: mabon needs more people.

Mmm I've just deleted my toons on danu 205 ranger, 183 rogue, 133 druid, 187 warrior) and am looking to relocate to a more friendly server, I've got loads of gear in need of a world Transfer ( banked my gear im not that mad to delete that too) so if anyone could help lemme know.

Re: Im out

Take it easy bud, danu looses another old skool player, who's reputation was tarred by gossip and accussed of wrong doings he never actually done .i talked to raz on a daily basis and know all his toons , so makes me laugh when every dodgy toon is apparently a raz alt, he's the kinda guy that wants ...

Re: To kiddos

Any response from you gala that hasn't got a cuss word in it is a+1 in my books. I do feel like I've been demoted though, in game im a *#%# +$€^ , only stupid on the forums :(

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