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Re: Thinking of returning

Hiya B.K to be honest bud I don't think the mental attitude of danu has changed one bit since you were last active. lets just say I think otm are looking into a danu exclusive mount,,,,, it's called the clown car, it will suit some of the inhabitants perfectly.

Re: We need more henks

After complete henk control of danu, I think we should set our goals on other servers, how dull it must be for these poor guys and girls going about there bossing day without seeing one henk.

We need more henks

As the title says i really think we don't have enough henks in danu so im starting an online petition so otm will let us all change are names to henk, failing that i would like to start a fundraiser for henk to allow him to have surgery to sow more fingers onto his hands thus allowing him to control...


Hahahahha vult. Credit where's it's due that was one funny scam. Shame on you gandalf. As we both we'll know vult the nicer you are on danu the more your taken advantage of.

Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Ooooo fun times back then,,,,they need to put deadroot back up near falgren. Epic fun between prime n unbreak trying to do falg then deadroot would spawn and all hell would kick off. Im spamming and going totally off subject now,,,,,,i,ll shut up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,was fun though :)

Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Yep, cyp always pokes his nose in on the forums :) . I think what laws is trying to say is the buying and selling of drops can actually be fun, let's rewind back to the prime, unbreakable days. Unbreakable was a clan that adopted buying/selling and for the most part it was a great system, it was act...

Re: Best ranger on danu

Ummmmmm Phoenix is defo not the nitro rebirth,,,any clan with low levels in it always seem to be connected to notro,,,well we are not,, we encourage are members to boss , help whoever they want. We help them level, if they want to stay with us when they have learnt the game, great, if they want to a...

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