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Re: Dicing

Sneasel wrote:Stop dicing and play properly, the second you trade with a dice roller, technically your stuff is there's, so if they choose to not even roll then it's your fault, and your fault alone.

Play properly? How would you define "playing properly". The option to roll a dice is there for a reason.

Re: Dicing

I beg to differ. I am legit. You are free to take my word with a grain of salt if you wish. Just because I am not in a certain clan does not mean anything. Sure, the people in DoubleDice clan are worthy of trust. I don't think that they instantly were given that. They earned it. Now how will people ...


How many of you hate it? I host dicing and often see people hating on dicers. Its just a bit weird that some people see somebody who dices and immediately calls them a scammer without even trying them out. I don't get hate much. I just feel a bit sorry for some dicers who don't get a chance. I was a...

Hey guys

Hi guys, I'm new here. So far the community is amazing. People are always there to help me with quests and gladly do so. It is by far the best MMORPG on iOS. I am looking forward into becoming part of this community :D

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