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Re: Cooking Tokens?

So far, I got white hat and bracers and I'm one gold Dagda mark to get my white top. I was aiming for green tbh but only colors with effects are white and black :/ and the effects is blazin (literally). Dagda marks gets sold regularly in our AH (thank goodness) and we have a trade group where u can ...

Bottle Neck Ingredients

Hi! Not sure if I'm the only cook with this dilemma so I came forth to check how other servers are doing in terms of cloves of garlic, meringue and quail eggs supply? :3 These three are the bottle neck ingredients for the awesome tower recipes. I have been religiously farming them CBs I have 130+ of...

Cooking Proficiency

Hi Guys! So as we all know, the Gruel Technique gets ur mastery maxed out given ur patient and all of course :3 I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how to up Cooking Proficiency effectively? Any specific food u should make cause gruel did it for Mastery maybe there is one that targets Proficien...

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