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Re: Account Banned

Thanks for the response. The player just logged the said "banned" toon at castle so I guess it was a hoax. He showed us a ban screen he claimed he got this Monday stating he is banned until 12/07/2018 05:10:02 reason being Breaking Terms of Service. Maybe he googled it or sumthin... :3

Account Banned

Hello! A few questions, if a player's account is banned and is given a specific time until when his/her account is banned 1.) Will this player appear on Leaderboard? 2.) Will you be able to send said player mail in game?

Re: For the cooking enthusiasts

Which lvl needed for fashion after blue? Lvl 158, still see blue only :-) Journeyman is Level 40 (Orange and Pink) - Bronze Dagda marks only Adept is Level 80 (Yellow and Green) Bronze and Silver Dagda marks Expert is Level 120 (Red and Blue) Bronze and Silver Dagda marks Master is Level 160 (Turqu...

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