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Re: Support is not responding! Help!

I just tried 3 different servers. My phone is up to date. I tried reducing graphics quality. Nothing is working Try go in settings and remove quick jump from 4g to wifi and vice verse (newer phones has this setting) .. i think it might help I was thinking same thing but couldnt figure out how to wo...

Re: hero transfer

Another deleted comment. Back to the third party apps. Don’t act like you’re surprised, you know full well you can’t go around throwing around unsubstantiated claims of that nature about another player...or anyone for that matter. And yet i didnt name any names or any specific servers. And no i was...

Re: Anyone Played Heroes Age online

Let me know what you think about it if you have was thinking of going there, i heard they got around 50 active users The only ones who should consider “going there” are people in Thailand. It’s only available in the Thai app store, so you would need an emulator to access it if you aren’t from Thail...

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