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Re: dissapearing discussions, and OTMS crackdown/stances.

I came to the forums because someone who got banned was chieftan of our clan. All i wanted is a yes or no, if they will ever unban him. Or if they will transfer the title to a player that hasnt commited any offenses. Its hard to keep a clan functioning without that chieftan slot. But i dont want to ...

Re: Grieving

Im not really sure, but i dont think this is actually against the rules. Its within the game mechanics. Its like getting killed while on your gladiator, its a total *** move, but not against any rules either. There is a player on my server that camps arena and kills only one clans members. And as fo...

inactive chieftan transfer

I was in a clan that went inactive. When the chieftan left, the position went to another inactive player. This player did not create the clan, and has not logged in for several years now. I am wondering if there is a way to transfer the chieftan position to myself or not? Any help would be welcome.

Re: harassment

First step is to block them, then block anybody who repeats what they say, then block those that tell you "hey did you hear what _____ said?". Then if you still feel harassed contact otm. But i dont think they will do much til the block feature has been utilized.

Re: Pitty identety thefts

Don't give out your items and you can never be scammed #1
by admin
The only way anyone can get your items is if you give them your items.

Keep your items to yourself, do not give or lend them out to other players.

If you follow this rule you will never be scammed.

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