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Re: Harassment at bosses

What is VR's stance on a player constantly throwing f-bombs at someone and calling them the "c" word repeatedly? This is pretty spelled out in the harrassment policy, verbal language, cursing, racist, sexist, religious comments. I was looking for more of how they deal with stuff like zyz ...

Harassment at bosses

Is there a policy on intentional disruptions at bosses other than verbal? Like if a multiple of people were involved from another clan doing things within the game mechanics to stop other clans from killing bosses. Also I was curious how VR would handle these situations if recordings of the disrupti...

Re: Ulysses Grant Warrior

I'm on donn. In vikings we use a dkp system. No favorites. We took down prot yesterday with a little help, and are getting more powerful everyday. Even with some people trying to block us and keep us down. Come check us out see if you like the atmosphere.

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