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Re: Top 10 favorite *owned* items

1)Broom of Doom (Before the change!!!!) :( 2)Red Spirit Charm /fiery 3) 1 Mill Skimmer 4) White Lugh Mask 5) Black Pirate Set 6) Purple Sultan carpet 7) Purple Bloodlust set / missing gloves 8) Blue Spectral Charm 9) Tor Charm (I like the design/ eyes) 10) Purple party hat (before the sparkle change...

Re: Ipod Touch 6th gen

Good question/ posting. I wonder same thing, I'm on ipod5. When I bought the 5 the 6 wasn't out yet. I didn't want to wait months to play and miss so many events. Only reason I haven't bought a 6 is I'm wondering when there's a 7 if at all. :/

Re: Discouraging Servers

^^ We met briefly I thought deep down inside.. way down you were nice. You must have had a good day or maybe it was bad. Ha To OP I sometimes turn off whisper. Soon as I log sometimes it can be a bit too much. If I'm ignoring it's not on purpose unless I'm not a fan. I do afk sometimes for studying ...

Re: Wayward Pines?

Watched the first episode couple months back and series looked intriguing. Didn't have time to complete the rest of the series. Last I recall it had a decent rating. Had a peek at season 2 ratings and they're awful. Decide I wont bother with it if it's conclusion is going to turn up awful. Hey Lege...

Re: Wayward Pines?

You've got to find a legit sight to watch this. It's getting really good. Bummer you're like the only one I know on here that watched.

It's on Season 2 Episode 9 now.

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