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Tried this server last night. Pretty cool to start on a server just made. It felt like 2011 for a minute. I think i would like overall a peaceful server if even possible. Someone shouted to make a clan just 1 for the entire server. I don't think that would work because some greed might set in. I thi...

Re: Looking to buy

Shadowbolt2 wrote:
PurpleRain wrote:Zac what happened to the black mask I sold you?
Also HEY!!


Been in school and took extra classes. This way I can take off a semester soon. Going to Hawaii and I'm coming back to Celtic.


Looking for the price on a Royal Lightning, Royal Vines or Royal Embrace ring. Never had Royal Nature's.
(Been gone so long I can't find 2 of my rings of this and yes I shed a baby tear)


Not to be that guy but I'd assume iOS players coming to Android will come to a server that kills gele and proteus weekly or at least most end game bosses with 0 drama I thought ur supposed to be saying how much fingal sucks and saying how good other servers are so ppl stop overcrowding ur server lo...

Re: New Fashion/ Charms

Still buying 500k worth of fae regular, enchanted fae, wintermyst or mystical tokens. Any colors but NOT white or black. Please private message me on forum ONLY your prices so I can log to buy.
Thank you.

New Fashion/ Charms

Hey all I didn't get any fashion the last event so I would like to buy faewynd or the other new fashion of this event with your prices. Doesn't have to be smancy white or black if they exist. I would like a set or few of any colors if they have. (Purple would be nice). Also I would like to buy new c...

Re: The Walking Dead 2016! (Spoiler)

I'm sorry but Spencer had it coming. He really didn't know what Negan was capable of. Guess he won't be having dinner with Rosita after all. Unless it's smothered guts.. Rosita is one dumb chick. All that effort for Eugene to make 1 bullet and your aim isn't on point! You hit the bat instead. If she...

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