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Having a few problems with the game and the forums

Umm ive been having some difficulty opening my game and the forums for the past few days. My internet is fine because my other sites and internet using apps are completely fine but everytime i open my ch, theres this thing that pops up and says server not found. Its not a password or username proble...

Re: Maybe coming to mabon

Bluntman, if u r meaning by out of all the worlds on CH yur clan is the only one that beats them all? Yur wrong, there's a clan on EPONA (my world) called shogunshade that would cream the ELITE clan anytime:) yur world isn't the only time whos defeated mordris my world has defeated him over 5 times...

Re: My sweet sweet sugar

Venus wrote:
Corleone wrote:The stat bonus is 150 str. It isnt in the pic.

"grants bonuses to your Strength and Spear ability."
That's in the pic, nice tits btw

No i mean the amount of str was not mentioned.
And ty, They are real btw

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