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Re: Joining

Bowz wrote:
Jehovahz Army wrote:You can join guthix. I think our clan is fun and we have a level 80 requirement. Not strict though. Could use a druid. Mostly we boss fight.

Hahaha boss fight :') good joke

Only boss they fight is me.

Re: Reset

2 hours and 20 minutes. You people seriously need to think about time managment. We were waiting for 2 damn hours at agg. Its insane. Seriously rethink the way you people are treating this game, at this rate people are loosing their patience.

Re: What was your strategy Otm?

My question wasnt what was wrong with the necro before patch. I want to know how you people intended to kill him without the patch. I wanna know how many people u needed ? How to handle the adds? How you wanted us to evade that life steal of his? What was your strategy of killing him before the patc...

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