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Re: Drop selling is okay now?

I think I have to rephrase the topic name to 'Selling drops is okay for clansman now too?' Because the higher up gens and leaders have been doing it for quite a long time now lol. So like bows already said if anybody wanted to fake an elites name why pick world out of everyone? I mean there are much...

Re: Drop selling is okay now?

Since 3 is the maximum number of photos per comment I gotta add the others here so enjoy -

Sorry about the order they were posted in that was my mistake, you have to put them
In the right order but all the photos are there

Drop selling is okay now?

Wassaaapppp Mabon! So I've heard a lot of rumours of worldceater selling drops in elite and that nobody took any action against him because apparently there wasn't enough proof. Here is your proof that I've recently acquired and wish to share it with everybody :) And please note I have absolutely no...

Re: viber

Yeah but try problem was I didn't have a phone to use for the number lol. But I got one now and I got viber and I updated it and it's causing some problems ATM but once I fix it very soon I'll be able to give you all my numbers. Again I'm really sorry for not replying to your pms

Re: Buying dark grimmoire

Haha! hey chilli! hey d5! long time yeah im alive lol unfortunately i cant get back to this game guys :( sorry but i got viber and we can still keep in touch :)))
and dont worry there wont be anymore booty talks :P


Hey! well i got an iphone finally and i got myself viber so for those of you who wanted to add me please pm me for my number! tyy

Re: Where to lvl ?

Necro adds will be good for you Imo. Dont go to the skeletal gaurdians tho, those are hard and you need a group to kill em and basically those arnt lix mobs. You should try the revenant zombie things walking in front. They will give you good exp or you can try the trolls near mordris.

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