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Re: Lol?

Didnt understand a word from omo
That's a glitch i found when i wanted to take back my stuff from my little brother


Super cool funny awsome loly glitch

Re: Harry Flint mob

Well its simple! Celtic heroes made some mobs a bit commoner Example:skullcrusher berserker was rare before Now hes sooo common that i see him all the time when i go to camp And blackthorns I never saw them before After patch They camed in the game at southern pass And I never saw harry flint before...

Re: Impersonator

I saw that noob in castle shouting and spamming i told the REAL brad and i forgot what he said:3
And after a few days bradley logged in and said that he got banned by mistake for 3 days
And they banned the FAKED UP brad
That nub was so stupid
"Kick me im a bada spy"

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