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Re: Platinum

Thank you Luthias, but i am sort of losing my cool. If i had gotten plat when i bought, i could have sold for 2 times the reg amount on chests, and now im going to be going on a trip, and i dont know what playing opportunities ill have. I hope my problem can be taken care of soon

Re: It seems hopeless

I completely hate the way we only have one leading clan, its lvl req is 150, some elites have ppl who fake being them and scam, and how my friends have quit do to scammers in this world. But thanks to update, we have bosses availible, but we still cant get anything good. I dont know about other serv...


I ordered plat three weeks ago, sent around five messages to support in the duration of those three weeks, tried everythi the site says to do, forwarded the receipt from apple, and still nothing

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