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Re: open chests on lvl 1

Actually, i used to beleive in this theory, but fact remains that the only character of mine that ever got mounts was my main. So beleive what you want, but i cant imagine otm writing a code to make chances decrease as your level increases. Thatd be pretty low for anyone to go.

Re: Future for rangers

@plus 3 Thanks for the on topic reply, and i bow to your wisdom (bout ranger skills) :P I see your point about dieing, but a big rule of dps is that no matter how much you do, it doesnt matter once you are dead. But i dont think the period of time it takes to get back up really changes your lock tea...

Re: Future for rangers

allymia (jazmin from epona), according to old forums posts, is a ROGUE. Just to correct your post. A ranger with dl and no points in vit would have more health than a rogue has with full dl and no vit because for some reason, even tho rangers stay out of aoe range, their dragonlord armour gives mor...

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