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Re: How to make Noobs duel

Dex37 wrote:
Criminal wrote:Arena, and also i think that the lvl 30 bow from the lvl 40 boss would be stronger.

A fully lixed up alt could take on a level 30 main probably

You should go for a pvp mage, I used to have a level 18 pvp mage and I took out people up to level 70 when they had no lux (u3 tho)

Re: How to make Noobs duel

I have a level 15 PvP Rnager, full lesser midsummer, quiver and bolt thrower. I can usually one shot most people lv 18 and below,with longshot, and my bow dmg sometimes. Recently, I've been challenging noobs, but they have declined, and then dueled together! I have even tried giving them a gift, bu...

Re: Unable to log in

Sorry, forgot to update! I followed all the instructions in the thread purple linked, however, it didn't work at first. I even tried 4 different wifis but when I used the new hotel's wifi it finally worked! Now that I am back home it's working too, kinda strange! When I will have time I'll send a ti...

Unable to log in

Today I logged on and the loading screen is stuck at 10%... I turned off and on my device closed the celtic heroes task reopend disconnected my wifi reconnected with it etc... iPad mini 1
Any ideas whats wrong?

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