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Re: Strength dmg modifier on pierce

Zyz wrote:Thanks for the replies again all. I've played a druid until I started my warrior a couple weeks ago so overly caring about this part is new to me.

At lvl 110, what should my ax ability be?

Anyways, leveling it with a widsom lix isn't worth it, the ability will catch up as you level

Re: lixng build

JxOxCampbell wrote:
Sweefish wrote:With that set up I was averaging 2.5 bars a lix 170-180.

Thats massive 0.0

No gear. I am full dps with 2.1k hp (level 167) and I only get 1.5 bars per lix.
Grouped 2-2.5 bars are possible but solo... :o

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