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Re: How old were you?

xvanguardx wrote:
Awe :) wrote:The topic name made me go like ewwwww :lol:

To the OP I was 11 :) not speaking a single word english hehe

Did celtic heroes teach you english?

I guess, yes.
I wasn't that good in english before I started played celtic and now I'm something like class-best in english :D (I'm german)

Which world?

Hey there!

So I got my samsung mobile yesterday and was wondering which world would be the best... I will be playing as druid as they seem to be the most needed class (and because I am bored of leveling a rogue :) )

Re: Transfer

I can prolly do it for gold and lux in Morrigan, hit up Sogeth in-game, please.
I'm not sure if I can do both tough!

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