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Re: 200 lock voting

RogerRanger wrote:
Furyion wrote:****** the first star on this side

So, the last star? In other words, star #6.

Sooo...the star furthest on the right? :D

Re: Necro Battle plan

You have a list of participants I take it? Why not consolidate it and have someone divide and mail people their share? Maybe it's not worth the trouble for dispensing 1.5k gold each time, but it does add up. I suppose it's harder for your multi=clan effort. In our clan, each member receives an aver...

Re: Necro Battle plan

What am I talking about? Mordris drops 62,000 gold to a kill group of 8. Who takes the gold home? The people in lock group, but you have a point the gold needs to be shared with all players who fought the boss. GL, figuring that math out (yes, I know the math equation in itself is very elementary ;...

Re: Necro Battle plan

GROUPE 4 Lock group DPS group ranged only necro located other side of necro on middle part of the bridge 6 archers with long shoot and 2 mage with at least one with fire lure and another one piercing Rangers : Kraken, AK, Nate, Roger, Angus, Boot Mages : Ade, Lc I know this is just a draft, but imo...

Re: Necro Battle plan

I also think there should be an appointed BattleMaster. The person who is responsible for making sure the groups are filled and ready. They will also outline the fight and guide everyone through it. It worked well when we did it for the few Mordris fights. Sounds right. I would personally nominate ...

Re: Necro Battle plan

+1 vir

As far as the server goes, we have more than enough qualified people to beat him, just need to collaborate a time and date that's accommodating to most. Having at least 2 of the 3 rogues with DL offhand would be key imo. (I believe there is only 3?)

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