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Re: Good bye

Hope to see you back sooner than later Ade! I've always known you to be very giving and nice and will miss your company. Enjoy your time off! :D

Re: Necro Battle plan

KAM....did you read any of the posts regarding recommendations or just decide to ignore them and go along with this random plan and groups??

LG is a waste out of lock group, she has DL main and OH....

Re: Fight treasurer

I understand your idea and i know your intentions are good but... You are entering into a one world government type idea with creating a treasurer to represent all alt books for all clans and participants in a boss fight. I know Ade has been a proponent of a dominant clan and she gets bashed on the...

Re: Necro Battle plan

I think it's great of you KAM to be the initiator of this battle. However, IMO it's best to set a roster before setting a date, that way we all know who even needs to reply if they can make it or not...And as often as most people do not keep up with these boards KAM, I am assuming we will need a big...

Re: Necro Battle plan

If needed I can help with the Ranger aspect of assigning groups, skills and stats? Just let me know :) Or if another Ranger would rather nominate themselves I'm all for that as well. :)

Re: Necro Battle plan

We have "rough" roster made for Necro. That is subject to change based on time and date. However, I was under the impression you were inquiring about Mordy's gold drop and the distribution of that? Mordy or Necro, doesn't really matter. I only asked about Mordy because Kamanshi said those...

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