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Re: DM Role stuff

o8o wrote:"Cecil wrote:
To add, I have never seen anyone count an initial roll before DM called "Roll."

...neither have i

+1 Cecil

And the point you're trying to make is....? That point is totally moot as the current rules allow DM to DM to allow it or not.

Re: DM Role stuff

Lol, just re-read that...I will come back to edit it to make it easier to understand. Darn kids are really distracting :D

Re: DM Role stuff

I'm glad someone brought this up so we can have a consistent ruling on the matter. I personally think the role of the DM is fine as is, and has final say in rolls and debatable drop encounters. Some DMs may choose to allow players to "accidentaly" role before they announce "roll."...

Re: Fun Competition, just a idea

Vulture definitely has a point the more I think about it...Warriors are absolutely built for PvP more than any other class. I would like to suggest a cap number of classes per team. Maybe no more than 4 of the same class on each team, if we are doing an 8 man team? Although, we may have a limited am...

Re: Time to sell DL?

I agree Replay...While no system is "perfect," the current system does work. If we allow selling, then it will only be rewarding the rich and leaving the dedicated campers to even more luck.

Re: Time to sell DL?

Sarge11 wrote: My personal view is that there should be no requirements for bosses. You put in the time, lixes and idols than you deserve a place in the dice. Oh they dont help is the cry. Well if they are spending resources, then why not.

LMAO!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Scammers!

Pretty much what everyone else said....it is a lesson learned. It sucks, but only thing you can do is move on from here and don't make the same mistake twice...if you're going to dice, only dice with high levels with reputations on the line.

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