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Re: Yudle hat

I'd say they're worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them...right?!

but just for references, prior to the update (when hats were still available to loot), the black hats were selling for anywhere between 80-120k. :o


I am looking to buy 2 Yellow Rems of Space.

Please Reply, PM, Mail, or look for me in game (Boot) Thanks ;)

Re: Goodbye Valsy....

I've only had a handful of run-ins with you Val, but they were memorably helpful and I thank you for your generosity. My most sincere condolences to your family and friends :cry:

Trading quivers...

I'm looking for someone interested in doing a straight up trade....

I currently Have Golden Quiver of Ice and am looking to swap for Golden Quiver of Fire.

Please mail me or look for me in game if you are interested.

Thank you ;)

Re: New Ranger Skills

First off, i believe that Riposte is a Rogue only skill...Second, I have Explosive Arrows Skill if you want to buy. 5k. I also have a ring or two to go with it for extra...

In game name is "Boot"

You can either mail me the money or look for me in game.

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