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Re: Which quiver?

Yeah, 160 is about typical price to buy from person. I would have like to have gotten more for my quiver (like 175 at least), but with few rangers occupying each world, it's somewhat hard to sell, so if anyone is selling their quiver, they typically will take what they can get. :| I would also recom...

Re: Stuff costs too much

Also, item prices are relative to rarity and effort. If It takes 5+ people to kill a boss and they each blow 2k in idols and restos for an item, its going to cost more. If someone is selling an oak disc at 8k its a bad price and dont pay it or offer them what you think its worth and perhaps they'll...

Re: underpowered

oh also can you guys fix how whenever i use bolas after i use it my ranger still shoots a arrow but does no damage which is making me loose my bolas time from how low it already is That's due to the game engine...can't really fix that :cry: They are supposedly working on a new engine now though :D

Re: Vulture is selling

Sounds good to me. :D I can meet you on pretty much anytime. I live in the eastern time zone, however I'd be able to meet up in game at whichever time fits you. just lmk. thanks!

Re: Vulture is selling

Hey Vulture! I need 2 yellow rems of space if you got it. Just find me in game or mail me (Boot) what you want for it. I can mail you gold first if you'd like...just lmk

Thanks ;)

Re: Help :)

Pherra really nailed it on the head here.... It truly all depends on your playing style. Rather you work mostly in a group setting, solo, or a mix, will all depend on what build is best for you. I personally work mostly in a group setting with a great tank and healer, so I'm able to not have to thro...

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