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Re: Dragon Lord Armour Needs/Wants

I currently have DL wrist and boots. To obtain next DL at 160, I believe I need yellow Idols (x3) and yellow urns (x3)...if that is what I need, then I have the necessary idols, but I am however in need of 3 urns. Just to name a few, I want to thank Callator, Vir, Cecil, Daft, Mista for getting me a...

Re: Selling

Hello Daft!

I am interested in the Riftskull braces...what's the stats on those and I would like to discuss prices...maybe mail me or whisper me in game?



Re: Ancients FAQ: A bit about the clan

...can be worth vastly different prices to different people.... I'm obviously not clannie, (Exultantis!! :P ) but I agree with your entire statement and especially the quoted part. Lots of people are too quick to get angry or upset about prices. IMO, an item/drop is worth whatever someone is willin...

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