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Re: The real explanation

OTM is highly to blame for people's lack of interest in the game. Their colossal time gap from Carro to the Tower was beyond ridiculous. It was filled with a revolving door of chests, event bosses with nonsensical spawn windows, days in a row with no Snorri boss, more chests diluted with more nonsen...

Re: Sore Loser...*smh

lol....you literally typed all this stuff up about someone denying to be late to battle, and for no reason (other than S&Gs) threw in a special comment to grab vult's attention, and you already knew what his response would be to that comment?? lol....wow.... you know, you could have just admitte...

Re: Time to sell DL?

another option: allow selling of DL once the new armor types arrive (and those new types will be NO SELL). It wont help hoarding of course... or maybe just selling idols and lower. I like the idea of NO SELL for new armor quest items, and allow selling of DL when the update comes. It has been quest...

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