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100+ items disappearing!!!

I recently mailed all my Alta stuff to my main, then logged on my main and had about 460items, so many that I had items in places they shouldn't be, names they should have. Like fashion in weapon area, golden venoms named turquoise top token, etc. so I logged out. Then I log back in and over 100 ite...

Re: Old Celtic players!

-Rob- wrote:yep i do. i remember lvl cap 60, and when shalemont/stonevale was released it was so cool lol. tam lins sword was equip-able and it was the strongest weapon in the game until they fixed it haha

Yessss, it practically drained life!

Old Celtic players!

Who remembers back in the day when your clan would kill avatar of donn for plate/hammered/embossed plate armor? Or when Halloween 2011 came out and broom of doom was 500k which was an outrageous amount at the time.

Re: To the player base.

NOTE: I put this in general discussion because well, it's general and about the game. Not really the in-game content but about the game as a whole. I put this specifically here because i wanted the most amount of people to see it as possible. A few definitions for those who don't know: AFK = Away f...

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