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What is everything? Wait what?

What is everything? Wait what? Sorry if it's extremely hard to understand. It's a bit late I'm in tired. Recommend age: 16 and above ~FILLED GAP~ Are you real? How do you know? What is real and what is fake? How do you know your not dreaming or everything is made up by you. "Oh I would know if ...

Checking up (Bandit)

Hi everyone. Most likely most of you don't know who I am, but for those who do...What's up lol. I come in peace, it's been awhile. Just seeing how everyone is doing. Hopefully some of you still aren't on a grudge after 3 years of the last incident. Well I'm 16 now and 17 soon so yeah; nice stopping ...

Re: Ouija Boards?

OpticalAwakens wrote:i remember reading something about the ideomotor effect. it is were u lose subconscious of something but u still move the board thing.

Yeah I was telling this to my mom and she said that that's a lie and the boards are real because she has tried it.

Ouija Boards?

I know what they are and what they apparently do. I have been looking into them recently out of curiosity of spirits to answer religious questions I have and finally adopt a religion. My mom and step dad were yelling at me because I said I'd summon a spirit with one. They said to do it at my dads an...

Re: The Evolution of CH

Wouldn't it be great if the Undead Fire Titan and Giant Skeleton rule Dustwither Catacombs? or the Connacht bosses still roam Shalemont Ravine regularly? What if Ythair settled in Crookback Hollow and took it for his own? Wouldn't it be awesome to see King Vorum take residency in Dunskieg Sewers. o...

Call of duty

So me and some people were arguing about what people say when they get the last kill on call of duty.
Do they say "I got the kill cam" or do they say "I got the killshot".
And if both do then which one is more popular to say or more correct.

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