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Re: Downfall

Arawn's top clans merged into one clan during the carrowmore update http://www.celticheroes.info/2015/02/history-of-arawn.html Lugh's top clan decided to just do bosses as a clan instead of grouping other clans, which squeezed out all the other small clans http://www.celticheroes.info/2016/06/histo...

Reborn Clan Alliance

Hey Mabon friends (: It's fingerlickin, you know, that KFC rogue that's always shouting selling/buying stuff. Yeah my apologies heheehe. As some of you know or have seen the clan Reborn, which I'm the leader of, is a new clan. Be being the leader I don't want any clans to not like us. As a side note...

Re: Checking up (Bandit)

Legolas15 wrote:What are u checking up on? To see if everyone still hates u lol?

your speaking for yourself I assume?
Wow, you have a lot of dedication towards me. Making me feel special ;)

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