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Update me

My phone is broken until this weekend, I hear there is a new iOS server, are people already like 140, 160? Is it a raw server with not much lux like the old times, what is it? Is it worth joining for older players?

Mabon starter clan!

Hey guys, since I was kicked from Wolfgang because I wasn't leveling enough (yet I supplied Wolfgang with many members since my older clan reborn was asked to merge into wg :evil: ) I am creating another "Reborn" clan. I have a lot of experience with starter clans and they always become 3r...

100+ items disappearing!!!

I recently mailed all my Alta stuff to my main, then logged on my main and had about 460items, so many that I had items in places they shouldn't be, names they should have. Like fashion in weapon area, golden venoms named turquoise top token, etc. so I logged out. Then I log back in and over 100 ite...

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