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dPS or hybrid?

I am currently level 160. I was wondering what you all think about builds. To go hybrid. Or to go DPS. That is the question. :D :) ;)

Re: Heyooo

I'm poor i play on a 4s. Lags sometimes but plays pretty ok

Re: build help

Thx for all the answers,,,but I still have no response yet to this : should i use giant swing or not??? If i do then I will need to buy sigils or something. Also to those wondering the event brace is just a temporary till I buy 150 energise bracelet (spirits i think???) I'm just using it for the bon...

Re: build help

Gear I have : ancient breastbone boots gloves and helm frozen body and legs
Bone spear and axe of conquest(150)

Re: build help

why arent you using rupture? you shouldnt be using a sword or spear imo axe/hammer much better until mordy spear Well,,,I'm on crom anyway so I won't be getting a mordors spear until about 4 updates away with seed having monopoly of Mordis hrung and what not. As well as this,,,my axe ability is at ...

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