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Re: Rogue class

Im sorry lost their dps dominance? Gardens broke the game for rogues with their new rondels lol...rangers are the class that has been totaly left behind since the gardens update. Not rogues

Re: buy golden camoflarge charm or xp pendant 500 chest

Both of them are useless. Camo charm is a waste of a slot basically, only giving you camo which barely helps at all. Literally all you have to do is watch your surroundings and use a real charm and you are better off(plus you dont spend any extra money). Even for travel, speed is all you need to ge...

Re: Ranged Combat Question

My bolas hit virtually the same when i had 2270 ranged combat as when i have over 7500 ranged combat. Unless something has been secretly changed since i left, aileron did quite a lot of testing with shield bash and mele ability and he also found that maxing out skill ability had almost no impact on ...

Re: Gear swapping on Ranger

Swapping is a cery important aspect of maximising your dps. A dps ranger should always have a 50/50 sharpshot longshot and steady aim. The only way to do so is by swapping. The other skills imo are either optional or dont need to be at 50 and hence dont have to have a swap to cast. I may be mistaken...

Re: Areana broke

Difinitus wrote:We have reset the Arena earlier today to alleviate this issue.
cool it just loaded the arena for the first time since the haloween update for me. Whatever you did during reset worked

Re: Bows?

I would recommend buying an ancient war bow. It is 21k in the stonevale shop or you may be able to buy off a player for cheaper. Use that until level 80 where you unlock the bow of four winds. From there move onto meteoric bow at level 110 and adamant at 120. From there just continue along with vend...

Re: Ranger Skills

The best build is a high dexterity build. I recommend leveling up sharpshot longshot and lightheal before any others. You can get to the sewers from inside farcrag castle. It will show up on your mini map Edit: that is the old castle that had a sewer acess. I dont actually know how to get into sewers

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