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Re: New to game. A little help?

At lvl 20 you follow the quest line in Macroin EnCamp it unlocks a shop. The cheapest totem is 2,662 gold. Have fun ^^ this is true. However, but if you plan on buying a totem from that shop, get the 5k totem as it is worth the wait to get better dmg, on the other hand, don't wait for the 10k or 21...

Re: Build advice

Tyvm. Now everybody reading this post if you get 200k DO NOT save up for orb if ur a druid. Just buy masters grim and save up for dark grim of health by 110 I have a sore point with that, you should never buy from the store, you should wait and buy from other players. Also, i don't suggest buying a...

Re: Build advice

Homerunaaron wrote:Also is the orb better or is the grimiore. The orb adds 25 energy regen while the grim adds 100 focus and 15 regen. The orb also adds evasion.

Grimiore, the focus it gives far outweighs(increased heals/damage etc) the increased regen and evades of the orbs.

Re: Build advice

Since you good regens, it'd be best to put 75 into vit, rest into focus. Max vines, roots, touch and lightning. If you're looking for storm touch it is from the red book quest which you can begin near the front of Farcrag.

Re: TheHobnobbers

Kyna wrote:Wb mee :(

I spend my time trying to stay out of pictures and you want to get in to them, what have you come to kyna?

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